This Week… Got any face masks mate?


"It's The End Of The World As We Know It…" – REM

"You're about as useful as a one-legged man at an arse kicking contest." – Rowan Atkinson

 "Beans have a soul." – Pythagoras

So, it's been a funny kind of week. Coronavirus is well and truly kickin' in the UK and we've ran out of soap. Meanwhile FlyBe is now FlyBeen and experts have weighed in on an age old debate about whether ketchup should be kept in the fridge or the cupboard. Personally I'm a fridge kinda' guy but hey I won't judge another mans capacity to store his condiments correctly. Weirdos…

It's been a strange spell in the office, what with the impending doom and us all fighting over the one tub of expired hand sanitiser. Everyone has been sharing biscuits with restraint and distrust whilst I swear I saw a fellow staff member stealing toilet roll from downstairs. Not naming names though..

Anyway, here is the best of the internet…