This Week… Give Superstar Djs A Chance


"It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it" – Aristotle

"The very concept of objective truth is fading out of the world. Lies will pass into history" – George Orwell

"I hope to ignite a new peace movement with my music" – Levon Vincent

My friends, I want to announce the release of my first ever LP as a producer:

"For the Sheraton"

Please let me apologise for the long fortnight it took to turn this around. I'm a very busy and stressed-out dude, and making music is actually kind of difficult. Who would have thought it? Anyway, as you can imagine, due to the hotel-related comments I made two weeks ago, I had a lot of of thinking and looking inward to do on the situation. A LOT.

I want you to know I took things very seriously. I thought about what I have learned through years of global travel, and tried to explore new perspectives on humanity. I read from the biography of Judge Jules, and explored the teachings of Jeremy Healy. The whole experience inspired me to try to aim for something meaningful, but also to try to make something which could benefit the DJ community around the world.


I won't apologise for requesting the Sheraton. I hope to ignite a new musical movement with my music and this message here. I want to talk about DJs' inalienable rights to whatever the fuck it is that they demand, and I hope that maybe by putting it in musical form as well as these words I can make the best impact possible for what I see to be a music industry in agony; one where DJs have to put up with 3 star hotels, inadequate breakfast buffets and promoters who only provide one of the three bottles of Dom Pérignon you asked for. Once when I played in Kyrgyzstan (I don't know if I mentioned it but I'm very well travelled? I even went backpacking on my gap year!) the hotel didn't even put one of those little mints on my pillow. Bastards.

Anyway, I arrived at an extension in thought about this concept of promoting DJ rights – what if I could aide in bringing forth a new movement via the trendy house subculture? Or by adding to comfort and relaxation in the DJ world any way I could. One can only either chillax or stress. I chose to try to chillax. 

I believe that we must embrace the cult of the superstar DJ, really make it stylish and something cool to be about again. I am trying, I hope you will too. I am not a professional writer but I hope my words will resonate regardless… I learned a difficult lesson and I didn’t take it lightly – I hope that is reflected in the music I am presenting to you.

This is not some PR stunt. It's real. I really am this much of a twat. I'm grateful to have learned a valuable lesson – always be yourself. You don't need to compromise on your rider. You don't need to accept a bad hotel. You deserve deference and adulation.

With love, and dreams of a comfy bed at the Sheraton,
Jeremy Underground


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