This Week… Dream Machines,#EatCleanTrainDirty, powers of Ten, resonance& the illusion of choice.

  1. “The first thing you need to know about Craig David is that hes buff now.”

    “Bold steps are needed now to protect our fundamental rights to privacy and freedom of opinion and association online.” Tim Berners-Lee

    “10 Corporations Control Almost Everything You Buy”

    “Let’s be honest, though. Nothing says progress like a condom made from a Nobel Prize-winning material.”

    So we do follow a pattern within the chaos.
    “Watch as 32 Discordant Metronomes synchronize within a few minutes… This reflects the heart of the principle of Resonance. The Universe self-organizes through geometry and energy, and the entire fabric of space-time is similar to this flexible table which constantly conducts energy from one object or location to another.”

    “Absolute drivel, I do like when DJs go against the grain occasionally, Danny Howells 2002 Essential Mix, and some of the Back to Mine compilations too, but this is pretentious ‘oh look how pissed off we look’ type shit, Weatherall in particular looks like he’d rather be sandpapering his bollocks, seen him many times and he has been great, but this is shite.” Michael Martin 4 days ago

Sounds of the world… I like this site.

Explore more infographics like this one on the web’s largest information design community – Visually.

Watch this Dream Machine with a warning!!!   Want it in the flesh? Get down to Light Eye Mind. Cracking chaps too.

Ownership of the world’s brands…scary.

Stick with this

Powers of Ten

And more excellent scale pieces on Visually here. 

Android evangelism c/o pops senior… I guess every dog has their day. Look at AOL… watch out Jobs disciples 

What if they had lived to fade away? 

Monty Python – International Philosophy by Dwiggy

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What if they had lived to fade away? Shouldn’t be linking to this but if you want to see what Jim Morrison et al may have looked like had they not died then look no further… 

Creating a graphene condom

Van Gogh cake…

Remember, the first thing you need to know about Craig David is that he’s buff now…

Anyway… weird yourself out for a few hours. Ta ta x