This Week 13/5


“The best form of government was dictatorship tempered by assassination” W.H. Auden

“If the phone rings at 3 in the morning, do you both have to answer it?” jon snow question to cameron & cleggy.

Well, that was a bit of a week wasn’t it?

You know when weeks go by and you think, “where did that week go? i can’t believe it’s already wednesday again…” Well this week, last Wednesday seems a year away… things have actually happened and stuff!

david + nick = dick. I’d missed that one until lionel pointed it out… the most obvious things are right in front of your face! all this sparked a debate with my friend joe (who has the fantastic ‘january’ post elsewhere on here from his excellent ecstasy in slow motion blog). surely a lib-tory alliance is better than the pure evil of davcam and co in sole charge. so many people are hating on clegg but he was damned if he did, damned if he didn’t. i don’t think he had any alternative. hopefully most intelligent people understand this. and maybe (maybe!) they can put party politics to one side and act in the national interest. intriguing times for our country. on the flip, we’ve got mr icke’s arguments that rob forwarded me (you may not be able to read the whole article on this link) about not voting at all and a whole dissection of the alliance… actually very interesting, like he always is… then he slips into a bit of lizard rhetoric but he kept this article well focused.

anyway, i digress! i don’t pretend to know nearly enough about politics to continue this argument… but i’m interested! did you see the alastair campbell argument on sky news on tuesday? fantastic!

david milliband’s got a weird nose don’t you think? ed seems to have a more likeable face, i think i’d be more likely to vote for him… dave a more punchable. just cos i know labour hq had been waiting to find out where i’d cast my support. they’re both slimey lookin mmmfffers tho… rothschild lizards if we listen to ickey… wouldn’t be surprised tbf. talking of weird looking people have you seen that guy presents the weather on bbc news? he’s always very enthusiastic and looks like he’s done a load of crack… he’s ace.

mmmpeppermint & eucalyptus tea… i’ve just discovered it, it’s amazing! don’t you think nick clegg sounds like a bit like krishnan guru-murphy guy from ch 4 news? he was on in the background earlier & i thought i was watching the news for a minute!

blimey a green member of parliament! i have to say that was a surprise… welcome at that. ickey says she’s off to parliament to fight for a global problem that doesn’t exist! our local pie eater (d. abbott to all those who didn’t read my nonsense last week) got back in i see… with an increased majority (55%). more pies for her.

right, enough politicosos…

first non-Latin web addresses go live – the ‘world’ wide web finally lives up to its name. Got told off last week for making reference to the king Ross Kemp and not to have mentioned Ross Kemp’s face folded blog – I apologise luce, it is pretty amazing.

did you see middle england moaning on the bbc news last night about a lib-lab alliance? oh no, i can’t have people from wales & scotland deciding what i do in england! i thought we’d decided to get off politics? oh yes, sorry…

What about some people dancing at concerts – that’s pretty good.

Save Glade! Glade free festival, donate your skills, whatever you can! quite a lush idea and amazing how many people are offering their services for free. 4000 members already too! KFC cockroach chip leicester square ooh nice, know where i’m off to eat tonight.

I know I’m part of the problem but christ if I get another invite to something on fakebook… whatever happened to good ole email invites to stuff? least they looked nice an stuff… shall i continue my facebook cull? think i may have to.

russell crowe – robin hood – robbing from the rich captures the zeitgeist of society… well done!

went to see chris morris’ four lions on monday… have to say it was a disappointment. far more slap-stick than i was expecting. i guess i was expecting more closer-to-the-bone stuff. still a brave film nonetheless. not quite as brave as the trailer i saw while i was there Sex & The City 2… in Dubai?? How excited am i about that? sheer, brilliant cinema…

then it’s asbestos flaygon you too – tuts ma barreh. i can’t work out if i’m supposed to find this funny or not?

ooh, go see free stuff at 10 years of the tate modern on the weekend. i’d go if i wasn’t going back and forth from the bloody airport trying to find out if i’m going to get on a flight to spain or not… i got the duty free the second time around before they cancelled it… ace!

right, think that’s quite enough from me…

check the competition pic below for your chance to win a pair of tix to both fabric’s crosstown rebels party and the stag & dagger this weekend.

also check ian’s brilliant reviews this week and joe’s ‘january’ posting – one of alan mcgee’s only decent signings to poptones…

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spain off… yeah, why don’t you just spain off,


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