This Week… Cereals, Cakes, …Palooza, Plenty Of Mince Pies & Bad Jesus


"And to think, Smithers: you laughed when I bought TicketMaster. 'Nobody's going to pay a 100% service charge.'"

"Yeah…or too afraid to jump before someone else does…It's quite boring to wait for someone to buy a piece of cake!" K. Kristoffersen

"Billy Corgan, Smashing Pumpkins." "Homer Simpson, smiling politely." – Homerpalooza

"Hey, wait! I'm okay today! My mom bought me deodorant!" – Milhouse Van Houten

"Hooray for the war and fear mongering Yanks! One more weapon of mass destruction…" Seasons greetings from US military

"Due to the unscheduled trip to the autowrecking yard the school bus will be out of commission for two weeks. Note by reading this letter out loud you have waived any responsibility on our part in perpetuity throughout the known universe?" – Homerpalooza was on this week.

"Can we stop this interview, I don't like the questions that you're asking me." Beard

"If you ever needed an example of how religion makes you stupid and evil, here it is."

Sorry mate, can I just get on with my day please… can you stop hassling me please.



Right, a bit of psychedilc noise to get under 'err upstairs' before we go doof doof… 

Oh shite, mince pies were promised… let's a have a look shall we?

There we go… 

Ta ra x