This Week = Blah, Blah


Right, had a good ole rant today but everything technology has let me down today… even this site and I've gone and lost my entire load of ole drivel ranty, ranty… so yeah sorry about that. Going to try and control my seeing of large amounts of rouge and just make do with a load of linkage… massive apologies. Well to those that read this load of ole biscuits anyway! 

May I just start by drawing your attention to the main image to your left and thank Amazon for really 'getting me'. They've summed me up in for items. Must act surprised when I open my bridesmaids puppy gift pack and ageing skin care cream at christmas ….

Start with L:

"This article (in the Journal of Pain) presents evidence that, for many people, swearing provides readily available and effective relief from pain. However, overuse of swearing in everyday situations lessens its effectiveness as a short-term intervention to reduce pain.

Panorama view of Paris. Not Panoramabar in Paris, a panorama of Paris with questionable French music. 

I was watching Jezza last night and wondering was he actually going mental and just asking people "You have absolutely no idea what you're talking about do you?" just for a laugh and thought he'd lost it. Then I came across this little beauty and it restored my faith in him….

Earth | Time Lapse View from Space

Space & Light in Architecture.

Hello, I am a whale. Please take my picture.

Might go and have a little look see at LCD Sounsystem + Hot Chip = New Build on Tuesday… see if there's owt to get excited by like.

Latest tracks by newbuild

Nice sunset…

Blimey, is that the time.