This Week… Ambient, it’s the sound of the summer!


“My favourite sounds are the high, spacey ones that are very ambient.”

El Scorchio!!! 36 degrees in London, that’s a madness! 

Anyway, how has your week been?

Mine has been just grand… I’ve listened to 100 ambient albums this week because it seems that’s all anyone makes these days. In light of Covid-19 club music is now defunct, all we can do is sit in isolated rooms listening to the sweet sound of whale noises, space stations and “soundscapes“. Every producer and their dog wants to become Brian Eno and that my friends is the real tragedy of 2020. 

Overseas Donald Trump had a wonderful week. I thought Prince Andrew‘s interview was bad but this was something else entirely. Like a deer caught in the headlights he proudly declared that America had handled the pandemic better than well, the world. All done with cocksure authority of course. There were some graphs, some big words, some bullsh*t and beyond. The whole thing was very entertaining and if it wasn’t so sad would make for great television… 

At least it’s Friday yeah? Oh wait, no. That’s not right… Now that Rishi has flipped the week around and I can get half price meals and pints from Monday to Wednesday the notion of the weekend is actually pretty bleak… Enjoy Troops!