This Week – VOTE FOR… ummm….


"He is a mixture of Harry Houdini and a greased piglet." Boris Johnson – I'll let Joe fill you in on the rest of the election-ness with The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Election Special "Dispensing with the usual weekly trawl through the promo inbox, this week R$N gets all pseudo-political and barks out insults at three of the prospective clowns candidates battling it out in today’s London Mayoral election. Each candidate has also been given their own designated theme tune, naturally."

"A 'super moon' is due to arrive on May 5, 2012, officially becoming a full moon at 11:35 P.M. Eastern time on Saturday.   A super moon simply describes a full moon that happens to be at its closest approach to Earth during the year.  The term for the close proximity to earth by the moon is known as the perigee.  Though the proximity to the Earth by the moon can vary as much as 3% in a year, the closeness of the moon to the earth is too slight to cause earthquakes or any extreme tidal effects. 
What the closeness of the moon to the earth on May 5 will do, is cause some spectacular views of the moon just as it rises from the horizon, it will be about 16% brighter than the average full moon. 

Some of the best views of the Super moon will be as it rises behind trees, other landscapes and buildings because of the optical illusion effect."

I wasn't sure what to do for queenie bday so I thought I'd design this:

"The creation will consist of 3,120 individual cakes, one for each week of her reign." People never fail to astound me

Pretty funnny: 


The actual video is less amusing, but still amusing:

China's eco-cities: Sustainable urban living in Tianjin

Customise your own Barbara Streisand song

The world's most terrifying bathroom

Shooting in a desert storm.

The 48 Laws of Power

Optical illusions show how we see

See through church:


The Power Play Continues – USB chargeable batteries. Good thinking.

Christ, what a week already… sorry I've run out of energy… send me stuff to keep me going… better get off.
Love you x