This Week… 90’s Adverts, 90’s Raves & 90’s Baby Showers


“Quality is always fashionable”

It seems that this week the home office decided to teleport itself back in time so as to release the most meta public safety advert of a generation. Wait a minute, I’m sure I’ve seen this some place before?  Oh well, back to my DVD.

Anyway, after that little dose of nostalgia it’s time to take a look at what else has been happening around the world this week.

Well, Prince Phillip is in hospital… again. Landlords got sad at the fact that they might not make money from poor people renting. Dj’s did some more streams in an increasingly worthless attempt to main relevant in a world in which music is no more. The Daily Mail launched a new section, radio presenters talked shite, this guy still exists and I ate some beans on toast for lunch. 

Here’s the internet…