This Week 8/9


“If you don’t think about it, it doesn’t exist”

“Baps are just much nicer to look at that wangs?”

Both credited to AK

Well it’s officially not legal to kill Afghans or abuse Jews in a restaurant… the world’s not quite as bad as we originally thought. 

Excellent David Mitchell article about HItler and Anti-Semitism from last week actually. ‘We’ve always found Hitler hilarious the alternative is much more odious’ “When you ban something like this, you only dignify it with significance. You spoil the harmless piss-takers’ harmless fun and you justify fascists in their feelings of oppression.”

Talking of Mr John Gallers – check me cross dressing.

Good to see Time Out pushing trips to Afghanistan. I mean that in all seriousness. I’ve always wanted to go.

Drunk moose has to be rescued from up a tree – yes the Daily Mail does have some uses.

What wonderful innocent fun for your ears here. Stopped me writing any other biscuits for a while while I messed around on that! 

Mmm visual fun. Fractals n stuff.

Excellent Meaningless t-shirts site via Mr Hopkins.

L. hit me: 

I am going to the shop, but I dont understand why:

Work It by Ylvis – quite amazing!

Excellent thai food blog

Bert Kreischer and His Pranks on Hotel Maids

One for the cohort

Battery spin

Lights n stuff

Quite a fun little thing to end on… Qwerty beats. Have to be pretty spot on with it! đŸ™‚

Right then, I’m really not gloating but I’m out in biffa and want to go and catch the dying light or sundown as they like to call it in places that actually have sun… 

Can someone bring me out a copy of Jordan’s new magazine? The magazine that keeps on giving  “Jordan has her own magazine out today,” wrote the Sun’s showbiz editor, Gordon Smart. “It’s glossy and full of shite.

I bid you all a wonderful weekend and I hope the bloody sun shines for you sometime.