This Week 8-10-11


"Jesus the reason for the season" Wonderful rhyming couplet from some promotional literature through the door this week.

"See what they have called the hurricane in scotland? Hurricane Bawbag. Top trending thing on twitter at the moment. AMAZING. Hurricane Bawbag has improved the quality of life in scotland. Fact." SP

"Twitter has #hurricanebawbag as a top worldwide trend at the moment, meaning that millions of Twitter  users around the globe will suddenly be wondering what on earth a “bawbag” actually is." STV

American hurricane namers are lazy. They pick easy ones like "George" and "Kate". Only in Scotland could they come up with @pazpaz

I was going to start talking about office xmas parties… or just xmas parties in general and then the Bawbag reared it's head. Quite simply lost for words in how amazing a name it is. "I love it as I've been shouting 'BAWBAG' at people from down here and no one has a clue what i meant that and 'FANNYBAWS'" Storms in scotland pretty bad tho… n' stuff.

"No I'm not in London. Penrith. PENRITH!" Withnail… wouldn't fancy being there right now.

Anyhow, nuff said on that. Moving ahead to economic meltdown: "I'm not going to go to Brussels and not stand up for our country…" Cam. Fair enough but "National egos must be put aside…" and I have to say I agree with you on this one Ms Merkel.

Good, that's been sorted then… moving on.

Been having an ongoing debate with my cohortof late about watching the news… cohort says news is generally negative and of little worth – I'm paraphrasing here – I on the other hand have this insatiable appetite for all things information and just can't leave it alone specially ole paxmonster and snowy. Anyway, not sure what I'm saying here really, just that I'm not sure what's right. God, I just don't know what's right anymore!! And why can't Sarkozy speak English?! He's as arrogant as these Brits in his refusal to speak another language.

Right, dispell this gloom and storm… hit me with the good stuff:

Came to work intoxicated on an unknown substance… referred to customers as 'bovine and porcine'

Quite good Iconic Photos from History

Star Wars Cello Wars

How To Lead A Creative Life – I think this is meant to be pretty serious but seems quite ridiculous but also akin to the my existence. Oh dear.

Musical building – I love Germans!

I spear fish

Yes it's The Mail… again but Scientists Map earth's Deepest Point is interesting.

Nat Geo Photo Contest 2011

Some days the interrrrnet does not inspire as much as other days. Today is one of those some. Besides, there's plenty interesting biscuits about on the rest of this week's R$N.
Anyway… must go, it'll be getting dark soon and I've not been out the house for two days.