This Week 6/01


“The show is like a less demanding Newsround” 10 o’ clock live trailer

“Skweeedish Scouse Mafia (who are using the Times quote Spinal Tap for the acid house generation to promote their new film Take One without realising its not an actual complement) are king in this continent.” OCDJ #3, read the full article elsewhere on R$N this week.

So then, New Year, New You, New Weather, New Regime (oooh yeah me bum don’t arf look big in this, I need to cut down on the cream pies in January)… I for one intend on putting the heating on, turning the lights on to deter SAD and embracing this Jan wholeheartedly… I call it the ‘hide from it all till it’s over regime’…

This week Ransom Note comes to you on a Friday… look mate, it’s called a B A N K H O L I D A Y!

Denied the annual entertainment fest on telly this year – well I say denied, when what I actually mean is devoid of – I turned to downloading free useless apps on my terminally slow iphone. I have to say the Daily Mail app is singularly the fun (niest) one I found… no longer do you have to balk at the sensationalist grabbing headlines in the newsagent… you get to fill your mind with all the constructive nation building stuff… for free!! I mean, personally I’d like to ensure they get my 50p to guarantee it’s survival but… hmm, maybe I should start sending em 50p everyday… anyway, stop disturbing me, I’m getting well into the ‘Femail’ section. You can tell I’ve been a little bored/annual illness this week, I started reading the comments about iphone apps. Reading people’s complaints about the Guardian app changing to a subscription and then someone coming along and saying, so what you’re complaining about is paying 1p a day for a paper?

Anyway…trust you all had good annual ‘stay up for 3 days’ fests (c) OCDJ… mine was rather fun until I was cermeniously escorted home by my other arf under the ruse of “I think you’ve had enough, don’t you?”… I mean I had, don’t get me wrong… but it doesn’t do me any favours to tell the world about it, does it?

Think it’s time to start up my Lovefilm subscription again… I know, that’s being a little hasty but I think it’s time I addressed my distinct lack of flick viewing over the past 6 months or so. Seen Tron yet? As bad as the reviews? I still need a fix of it tho I think!

Apparently I didn’t link to the destroyed apple products properly in the ‘Xmas’ edition of R$N… here it is again in all it’s ahem… glory! I also managed to bgger up the links to the 2010 round ups so as a sort of retrospective, retrospective i’m linking em up again! Don’t worry tho, we have a forward looking OCDJ as well as lots of films n test pressing n stuff…

We also have a New Year guest linkage in the form of Mr Shepherd again… has brightened this enhanced SAD day in excelcius. Which reminds me, I really should send him a new year mail and try and be what’s called a ‘friend’. Here you go, you watch this while I do said mail:

sword camera

annotated beastie boys

cartoons used to be so surreal

fast food as advertised, and as it really is

I dont know why there are so few german pop stars
Done? Done…

Did you see that TV presenter vomiting live on air too? Pretty funny!! Missed afore christerrmas… have watched it about 10 times in a row. I am so juvenile!

Who said the Green party have no bollocks?
indeed Mr Mcquaid, how did that slip through/under the ransom radar? Brilliant! “ummmmm…..??????? it’s for real. I love Ireland.”

Spray cans n planets n stuff

The advantages of being colour blind?

Bats in a tube n stuff.
– amazing picture.

Spacetime invisibility cloaks becoming a reality.

I’m not sure about this 8 tracks thing but this is rather a nice ‘Sleep’ playlist – goes nicely with this SAD themed ramble. I think I need to pick me’s up an Explosions in the Sky album to combat this gloom! In fact hang on, that EITS track is the only decent track on there… best pick that album up instead methinks.

Right, this whole supermarket delivery thing has never grabbed me in the past but it’s increasingly starting to resonate louder on my radar… what, not leave the house at all? Really? I’ll ave some a that… ooh look and Tesco’s have Dalwhinnie on special too… one to try out my inherited decanters with. They look empty otherwise…

Toodle pip… hope some sun shines into your world before long. Stay indoors for now, it’s the only way.


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