This Week 4/11


“Never ‘final’, never ‘finished’”

“Why is everything running so slowly this week? is it the internet, is it all connected?”

Dear diary, this week I have done the following: forgotten my friend’s bday of a long time… he does live in Hong Kong tho sot there’s a bit of an excuse… been trying to write him an email all week. failed misreably. I also seemed to have developed a mild case of RSI so I’ll be brief this week, please excuse me. Wow, I’ve just read up about it all… I had no idea there so many different types of it. Did you know it’s “been estimated that one individual who uses a mouse on daily basis can turn out over 2,000,000 mouse clicks a year and travel over 100 km” I’m well interesting today, me.

My goodness, that was a weekend and a half wasn’t it. mullet halloween was truly epic… check some rather massive pictures from mr blacklay ere. So, to get excited about the news this week? Hmm… well the tea party’s become a reality… the Lib Dems have completely u-turned on tuition fees… really? and thrown mr cable in to make it all look nice… good worrrk! 9000 fees next year eh? nice nice… I really don’t know that I can even be bothered to get into any of it… seems rather futile and self-defeating, no?

I think the best thing I’ve found out politically this week was from something someone mailed me in response to last week’s debt rant “You can add to the fact that we still owe debt on WWI (never paid of just ‘set aside’ with the USA) and WWII debt was only paid of 4 years ago. Neither party has a mandate for any of this from a minority Tory led administration backed up by ‘yellow’ Tories. Shame on them.” Thanks for that Mr Finnerty.

Painting minatures on chewing gum
…very sweet. Ooh, started down a clicking tree. Pakistan’s truck art. Hong Kong escalators. Currywurst… 70 million sold every year! Cannae believe I’m actually going to get to experience this and all that is Berlin for the first ever time next month! (jesus, catch up troup!). Oooh, the shipping forecast. This ‘close-up’ series is good innit? Which reminds me, I need to get me mitts on a digital radio quick smart… feels weird without a radio in the house. Sorry to carry on down the same tip… but the art of Tokyo’s plastic food! This is brilliant. Well cheered up me morning… well, the sun’s done that too but…

Right then, moving on…

10 reasons why top of the pops was as good as it gets. Superb article from the sabotage times.

Google’s $8.5 million apology for buzz… but kind of not. “Instead, the $8.5 million settlement money will be placed into an independent fund which Google says will support organizations working on privacy education and policy on the web. The search giant promises to do their part to help better educate users about privacy as well.” nice, are the organisations run by google?

A video response to what the future looked like last week.

Songs for surgery.

25 images of spiral staircases

Some amazing natural rock formations. Great comment below too: “I hate that I know this, butThe Giants Causeway was also the setting for an alien planet in the first Power Rangers movie.”

Bleeding glacers
. My we are on a natural world tip today aren’t we?!

My good friend Tendraw’s Audio Olympics is pretty amazing. Go and see him down the gluerooms @ Cavendish Arms on Sat. Twill be ace.

Lady Gaga page hacked.

Make Big Ben chimes 13 times. Quite good, bit obvious, bit annoying tv… but quite good… in a way. Don’t commit yourself in anyway wil, ok.

Somalia terrorism fears at all time. Not read the Daily Mail recently but I bet there’s some cracking articles in there about it.

Hmm, what should I do today? I think I’ll create a fake capsizing boat. I really have nothing else to do with my life… Jesus Christ!! (notice the capitals there? don’t ask me why… CofE primary school for you mate!). In fact the more I think about it, the more angry I get about the above. “I know, could’ve used his design and technological know-how to facilitate struggling recourses in the developing countries in someway..but no, lets concentrate on something completely useless.” Utter prck! Quick, get out of here Wil before you have a meltdown.

I tell you what, I’ll leave you with the world according to Leaf:

Last Days of Compact Disco: Album Lovers Hand-Make Musical Objects

Here’s that touch screen controller I was talking about….he isn’t a DJ apparently so hence the shit mixing and music……it’s the future I tell ya!! Check out this video on YouTube

Me n Leaf’ll be down the Brewery Tap this Friday if yer about? 11 onwards innit… dirt cheap staropramen and belting system in that mental hole.



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