This Week 11/11


“The key to conservatism is knowing what to conserve… some would fight for the three-pin plug; others say that we lost everything that mattered when Kit Kats changed their wrappers” David Mitchell

“Americans depressed over being left out of all this excitement of riots & strikes can take heart, as insolvent states like California should collapse soon… christ I just got that from Human Events, their tagline is ‘Leading conservative media since 1944′… what’s happening to me?!

“Have you experienced 3D telly yet? Don’t worry if you haven’t, because so far it’s powerfully underwhelming:
the very definition of a step backward disguised as a leap forward. Consider this a warning from the future.” Mr Brooker

I love the summer months, as spring gives rise to those beautiful bright mornings, the leaves are in full effect and the prospect of rain seems far, far away… it’s those late summer evenings where it stays light and indeed warm, forever…oh no, hang on wrong season. Anyway, beautiful out there innit? I’m beginning to grasp the national obsession with weather and indeed our psyche in general. After a summer like we’ve just had the hope that lay in the air was incredible… now we’ll just disappear indoors for 4 months, hanging around in dark rooms, as depression kicks in… but the best part of it is, is there so many great dark rooms to while away the coming weather of despair… anyway, I’m not quite sure where I’m going with this so I’ll turn the light on (at midday!!) and move on. Oh and use that quote from Brigstocke that this just reminded me of: “If Pac-Man had affected us as kids, we’d all be running around in dark rooms, munching pills and listening to repetitive electronic music.”

Perfect weather for a spot more rioting tho I’d say. Really psyches (I’ve used it in a different context, with diff meaning to above so it’s ok, ok!) the kids up this weather. Did you see last night where they interviewing the kids, sorry students on Channel 4 and the kid on the left basically looked like he was about to pss himself, either that or he was very cold. One or the other anyway… shoulda worn more clothes mate, innit. Kids today eh? Cannae behave. Amazing picture on the front cover of all the papers. Something about all that brought a very wry smile to my face… I know violence doesn’t solve anything… well… anyway. Massively eloquent of the academic elite anyway…

Iain Duncan Smith… he speak the truth! If like sticking it to the poor… go Iain, give em some! What we should work towards is the bottom section of the population to be 2% worse off by the time yer all finished… go on son. sort it out!

Somerset County Council cuts 100% of arts grants in Taunton. Cut, cut… cut all the creativity in this country… I am a robot, we must stratify society… iron all thinking and free thought.

Jesus, lighten up Wil.

Missed this first time around: Peter Sissons on Anne Robinson – “She’s even got new tits.” Amazing!

See that BP documentary last night? The ex-CEO was totally non-plussed by the whole thing; “I’m just a man who wanted to see my son on his boat…” Dunno why I’ve put that in there… I just did. OK

The genius of DJ Tendraw and his Mobile phone orchestra.

Eno interviewed / getting the pss taken out him. The last sentence is brilliant… but also check the moment where he twigs he’s being taking the pss out of and starts ffing with interviewer. Funny all round really.

Dave Chappell outakes – kezza and his obsession continues.

Robbie’s greatest hits… ??? OK so let’s get Take That back together, sell out in the shows in about 4 seconds and then put a greatest hits from Robbie out… oh yeah. Why are people so cynical? I just don’t get it.

google offers 10% pay rise to stop poachers…they must be doing alright, like.

Whales get sunburn. Bit difficult to chase em round with factor 40 tho won’t it…

I didn’t realise Obama used to be called Barry when he lived in Indonesia? Alright bazza…

Paint sound sculptures using sound vibrations… nice.

This is kind of rubbish but click on the Epic?! button about 3 rows down… epic?

House made of newspaper lasts for 88 years. Nice again

Check the list of unusual deaths. Check the first entry for a start “Athenian law-maker, was smothered to death by gifts of cloaks showered upon him by appreciative citizens at a theatre.”

Nice elephant picture

Dear Diary, I feel I have not excelled on the word front this week… I will endeavour to try harder next… perhaps a new jumper will help me. Oh my god, look at the one on the right there with piano keys… I have to get me one them!!


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