This Week 4/3


as my hair gets steadily out of control, my beard continues not to grow, the washing up in the sink seems to not be doing itself, my cat still has issues with his current food, the cupboard becomes bearer/barer and the sun threatens to turn into spring (ok, that last statement i know to be untrue), i settle myself down to tap this nonsense and ask how on earth I missed Bryan Adams day yesterday… i feel like my life has missed something…

Don’t you think Jeremy Paxman made more sense on newsnight on Tuesday than the director general of the BBC? If you believe this matter to be true then I (& Deb) advise you to email and let them know why we need 6 MUSIC. ta for that pro-action Deb.

information overload?? “It’s time for a cultural diet I want to be told what to read, watch and listen to” – great charlie brooker article

now i may have just moaned about the false hope of spring but my cat seems to be ignoring the fact and is sunbathing on the windowsill with his face in the air. while we’re on the subject of cats (when are we ever not?) – kittywigs – wha the fu?! on the flip, to appease rob – check heavy metal dog – pretty good!

zero rupee notes being introduced in india to beat corruption – really interesting read that i’ve been meaning to post for a while. something wrong here – can’t work out what! thanks for those 2 louis. watch end of the line – on sun on more 4 – documentary about the overfishing of our oceans.

talking of warriors but not of the eco kind, have you seen ninja warrior? i barely ever watch tv and god knows how i ended up on virgin 1 but last sat morning it was on… and it’s brilliant. well it seemed that way back then! i was going to talk about paying 240 per london household towards the olympics and not being able to get tickets when i realised that i was sounding like the evening standard and b) i don’t acually care that much… still, dalston’s changing… really changing – it’s gonna be shiny walk ways and shopping malls before we know it! have a walk round the junction!

i know i keep banging on about it but please sign this petition to keep plastic people alive – if we were to lose it we’ll be losing one of the best venues in london

Christ, I still owe you that post about town planning and Brasilia…oh no and Polygamy in America…ok well, I’ll just link you up to Polygamy now – it’s a strange world.

this week i have mostly been watching the corner – seems a bit odd cos all the junkies in this one are all the officials/powleece (how do you write a baltimore accent?!) in the wire… still it’s pretty good. how good is mad men? it’s always on too super late but everytime i watch it i realise how lush it is…

wow, how good was sat night – zongamin live for the first time in ages @ the hot chip gig – shame about the sound. simian mobile disco were ace, mulletover was ace too. big drunken mess so i was! big weekend ahead – man make music with george fitzgerald down the star followed by michael mayer djing all night in a tiny space down south of the river, then fabric on & on… and on!

fair well? i would’ve thought not by the time i wake up on monday, no! right now, i’m doing fine…

right i’m off to do a bit of facebook friend culling – apparently it’s what all the cool kids are doing

ta tar tarry

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