This Week 29/9


“We shall flee rest, we shall flee sleep,
We shall outrun dawn and spring
And we shall shape days and seasons
To the measure of our dreams”
Eluard in Milan Kundera’s ‘The Book of Laughter & Forgetting’

I’ve been incredibly blessed – not in a god way or owt – to have been able to wake up in this incredible valley in whiteos isleos for the past month surrounded by nowt but fruit trees, chickens and the odd barking dog. It’s now time to uproot and move on to the sunnier climes of Londres… not something I was expecting to look forward to but it’s actually warmer there than here… I hear!

The last few weeks has been an exercise in great patience, as one combats the effects of dial-up internet speeds. It’s made me re-evaluate the feverish pace I’ve worked at over the past few years, with the advent of lightning quick interrrnet speeds – whatever happened to the information super-highway anyway?

Anyway, on that note and with the fact that some children entering the education system in the UK do not even know their own name (god what’s happening to this country, Mary Whitehouse would turn in her grave), I think I’m going to get off.

C u nxt wk. Njoi tha summa…

Oh hang on, one other belter… MP steals her love rival’s kitten

Oh yeah and I was sat in a bar yesterday and this came on:

Mr K pointed out how much it sounded like amazing how much it sounds like Macarena:

I don’t think I need to say much more really…