This Week 28/1


Two new massive jumpers this week! Not sure I have the bottle to bust out one of them, kind of all weird see-through white with these black tassles all over… but then it is mulletover this weekend so I may be so bold!! Did you see that Simpsons episode on Wed night when Homer buys 1000 springs… absolute classic… I feel like in an Arab Strap song. “It’s was a really good episode about love always ending tragedy except for Marge & Homer…”

Lord blah blah wotsisface says that he’s admitted he changed his legal view of the Iraq war but said it was “complete nonsense’ to claim he do because of the political pressure” complete balls basically… Blair’s steps up to the enquiry today – let’s see what beauties he comes out with eh? The gap between rich and poor grows – seriously – the highest gap between rich and poor since WWII?? f%$in mental… and the Tories’ll sort that out nicely won’t they?? Northern Ireland talks breaking down again, it’s getting colder… There’s good things about tho – you just have to look people. A new decade, a new beginning n all that… Avatar is officially the biggest grossing film of all time…sorry I said good things didn’t I…

It’s still bloody cold. No, that’s no good either.

The ipad launches… ummm…. great. I think. Wow this is fantastic – everything I’ve ever said about facebook I take back. This is what it’s for: The day that Brian Harvery ate 47 baked potatoes then ran himself over . Amazing. Influences: “cheese, tuna mayonnaise” haha! 1/3 of the seats for the World Cup in South Africa remain unsold… look at where that article’s taken from, the Huffington Post… amazing! Following on from the body paint link a couple of weeks back I found this going down a tree of links. Nice. Have you seen what else they’ve done on a castle at a film festival – fantastic. Saam’s got his video portraits premier on next weekend.

How he didn’t ask me and my amazing dancing to take part, will always be beyond me… but I still love him! Can you own a sound? Mad looking documentary on sampling from both sides… You can’t say we don’t tackle the big issues on RN can you?! Cheers Jono.

Whenever I discover a poem I like, I realise how little I know about poetry. Especially when the ones I find, people say to me “yeah that’s one of the most famous ever poems”… still let me impart this week’s Dylan Thomas. What a sentiment “Do not go gentle into that good night. Rage, rage against the dying of the light…”

Umm… let’s leave it there for this week then eh? Thanks for bearing with us through our server and formatting issues people… we made it!

Fair well again yes, thanks for asking, I did.

Ta ra


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