This Week 26/5


“I’m mortified to have to pay 50%! [While] I use the NHS, I can’t use public transport any more. Trains are always late, most state schools are shit, and I’ve gotta give you, like, four million quid are you having a laugh? When I got my tax bill in from [the album] 19, I was ready to go and buy a gun and randomly open fire.” Adele. Yeah mate… poor you!

“This is why I hate the Guardian. I can sympathise entirely with Adele’s grief. Why is the tax burden in the UK so startlingly high when our public services are so incredibly appalling?” Max Tappenden facebook fan

“I can talk that loud too and make it sound like you’re the bad guy.” P. Griffin.

“I like Kestrel Super. It might not taste quite as nice as special brew, but its still very palatable, and its reasonably priced. Saying the aftertaste is bitter, sour and rough is very unfair.” John

“SOME people complain that my recent reviews have all been East European beers. So, to correct the balance, here is a bottle of vyturys Baltijos. From Lithuania.” New favourite beer blog

‘Hallo Mrs Bird,’ said Judy. ‘How’s the rheumatism?’ A Bear called Paddington

“The old adrenaline does pump, there’s no doubt abowt it…” Traffic Cops’ delusions of grandeur.

“Imagined the future, woke up with a scream, I was buying some feelings from a vending machine” VRV

Adele’s Tax Grievances nicely broken down here. “I use the NHS.” Keep paying your taxes then or it’ll be gone. “Most state schools are sht.” Actually, according to the most recent Ofsted report for the UK, “Just over two thirds of schools at their most recent inspection were providing a good or better education for their pupils. Pupils’ behaviour was good or outstanding in 86% of schools.” Of course, if rich people stop paying their taxes then they will become sht.

Wow, have you checked out her fanpage. People just go mental over her don’t they? Almost as much hysteria as Swedish House Mafia… but onto them in a bit.

“The German language doesn’t even have an expression for “small talk”. It is so alien that in the German translation of A Bear called Paddington – Paddington unser kleiner Baer – it was omitted.So this exchange of small talk occurs in the English original: “‘Hallo Mrs Bird,’ said Judy. ‘It’s nice to see you again. How’s the rheumatism?’ ‘Worse than it’s ever been’ began Mrs. Bird.” Paddington German Small Talk

In light of last week’s ‘not actually the end of the world’ end of the world day here’s 27 Exact Dates for the End of the World. 2012′s looking pretty tasty isn’t it.

Alcohol related hospital admissions top 1m… best put that can of Kestrel away. Apparently Kestrel is a Gold Medal winner… not sure of what but. Jesus, a can of Kestrel’s 9% – 4.5 units. That’s my RDA done in one can. :(

The legend that is Simon Reynolds talks next week about retromania and his new book.. def worth the entrance prices.

Viral PDFs blow the old publishing model aside.

Is eating a kit kat a day bad for you? Right, I feel better now… where’s the fridge.

Wow! A couple of tickets for SHM dropped into by inbox last night… I don’t know what to say really. I can’t tell you how genuinely excited I am about this. Check this massiveness:

How can you not get excited about that? It’ll make a change from a Hoxton basement going um cha um cha anyway!

Free will

Mr T’s ‘Recouping’ courtesy of Bloc TV in the chalet this year. Forgot about its brilliance again until recently. Watch the whole series, amazing.

Very startled cat.

This wouldn’t be a bad little experience would it with an added space shuttle!

Envisioning the near future of techonology
– a cashless society by 2025?

Since when was Sharon Osborne allowed to act?

Fence between Arizona & Mexico used as Volleyball net!

Nice mix to combat the dark and rain outside:

We Need To Talk About Dave by MARKO DEL GRANDE

Right, that about wraps things up this week. ” Big weekend soon come, last night of Fraternise on Friday followed by Mr Sweeney & Optimo @ EM/Warm, SWEDISH HOUSE MAFIA (sorry,what was that?) on Saturday, outdoors @ the Railway w/ Steve Bug & jozif, then the enormity of Eastern Electrics on Sunday night… Virgo Four, DJ Koze, Actress & Braiden?? Jesus!


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