This Week 25/2


Cor blimey guvnor, it’s a bit busy round these parts at the moment… not only that but I had to buy my cat ‘not Iams’ yesterday cos they’d sold-out… he’s a right snob and has been dogging me up with go fff yourself looks all day today… best get that one sorted soon or there’s gonna be trouble.

I never pick up the Metro cos a) it’s a big ole sack Daily Mail of sht and b) i never get on the tube thanks for my trusty steed of a bicycle but anyway… did you know Delia Smith made the cake on the front of Let It Bleed by the Stones?? Well I didn’t anyway and was very surprised… thanks for that Will. “Hey, I saw your ad looking for concealable/disguised weapons.

I have several fine-crafted items you may be interested in…” – how to make Jeff angry! Brilliant, thanks Olivia… Have you been ever been on ehow? – some pretty amazing things on there. As the 2 plane spotters who were arrested in India have just been granted bail, the BBC distills plane-spotting to a mixture of “physics and romance”. Oh what a combination! ” ‘i don’t think the conservatives ever understand the working man’ – they do if they’ve got the subtitles on” – charlie brooker – newsipe, still pure genius… watch it quick before it’s gone again, oh it already has but go check the last 2 on iplayer… quick! great britain wins first gold in

winter olympics in 30 years… eh?! how’s that work then? oh well it was for someone going really fast headfirst on a tea-tray… see that snow was good for something… US/Cuban relations thaw… blimey? Oooh, ooh Henry Moore exhibition at Tate Britain… an excuse to go to Chris Ofili again… fantastic. Watch it in 3D here… oooh. And finally – Grape Lady Falls – “It’s not good to laugh at other people’s misfortune” – yes it is, “but sometimes it’s hard not to, and you have to respect the professionalism of the cameraman, who keeps looking forward the whole time.” Ta Louis. Seriously tho, that’s pretty funny..

Check some great reviews from Ian, an interesting article on keep fit in a pub from Jim and a review of Pantha Du Prince from Sat from Katie. Read on Mcduff. Oh and check my link on my music musings to a great interview with Weatherall & Save Plastic People!

Fair well? Well yeah I’m OK this week… so over this weather but what are you gonna do eh? Get out see some good stuff on the weekend I reckon. Ta ta Wx

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