This Week 24/6


“This budget is all about fairness” “tough but fair…”

I’m so pleased ‘we’ voted the tories back in. whilst saying that they were targeting the wealthiest 10% in the budget they’ve also at the same time hit the poorest 10% more than most… funny that. What, so you’ll reduce the corporation tax yeah at the same time as reducing child benefit. Hmm… OK what about lowering the top rate of capital gains tax to 28%. but at the same time why don’t you raise VAT to 20%? That won’t hurt the poor at all will it?! The class war starts here… 11 billion pounds off the housing budget by capping housing benefits across the country is going to create “deprivation ghettos” across London as people are edged out of the shinier boroughs. Nick Clegg, sell out?! Still, least the cider tax increase has been reversed! Sure that’ll be the first thing they implement at Glastonbury this weekend… oh yes, indeed, of course.

A slightly curtailed This Week on R$N cos I gotta go pack me bag for tha ‘bury. Hope you understand! Normal service resumes next week. Good stuff and everything!

So, England pulled it out the bag… and actually looked quite convincing whilst they were at it! You can actually believe it might happen again. Did you see John Terry throw himself at the ball while he was on the floor… pretty impressive for someone who doesn’t know or care a massive deal about footbal day to day.I kind of do now. Big.

“I like to have a few options on where to stay… I’ve got a pod but I’m taking a tent too… and there’s also the cottage.” Ahh, the Glastonbury dilemmas of mr star. check out his wellies too if you see him along the way this weekend… they’re pretty fetching and he’s wearing em even tho there’s not going to be a drop of rain… goddamit!

There’s actually an uncharacteristically positive forecast for Glastonbury!! Well I never… Be sure to check this out if yer down there this weekend. Electro cubehenge – ta will… again.Sound like ben rymer… go on. How was Sonar I hear you ask? I know you do… it was lush. DJ Hell 5am, sun coming up… dark, brooding, massiveness! On the geekery side, I never saw the Reactable at Sonar… which is a shame as it looks ace. I did see a chair collapse and put itself back together again tho… that was good.

Good causes: Playpumps. Right, I really must get off and pack that bag but def check the audio from travelcards on loop. Go Tendraw go! You are a genius mickolai. Seriously, go through and watch his youtube channel… pretty ridiculously amazing.

Did you see the longest game in tennis history yesterday? No doubt it’s probably still going as we speak. Mentalness. Not as long as a game that Chris and I play… but that’s another story!

Right, meet you for Optimo @ the Stonebridge 1am this evening/morning.

See you on the other side!


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