This Week 24/3


“He had what you might call a trivial occupation. He cleaned the platforms of the local railway station.” Abba – Two For The Price Of One – check that for a rhyming couplet!

“Thanks for supporting Comedy Dave and Chris Moyles” I honestly didn’t mate… why are you sending me a thank you email.

“These are the worst unemployment figures… since next year.” J. Carr

“The sooner you fall behind, the more time you’ll have to catch up.”

Serotonin & Dopamine – technically the only two things you enjoy”

“Bill Gates is behind all this misinformation.”

“OK, so what’s the speed of dark?”

“South Africa… let me people go.” Jamie Principle

Alright already, stop with the quotes…

I think I’m going to have to start up a spam corner. In the locality this week we have:

“I believe it is the wish of God for me to come across you now” Jesus my spam’s getting weird!

“My name is Vera. I’m woman, average years, without pernicious habits.”

OK, so bllsht budget changes nothing (if you drive a car) and ole Lizzy carks it… still, least the sun’s shining… and I mean actually shining proper.

Roll up, roll up, check yer budget calculator. Apparently if I drink 5 pints of beer a week on paltry salary I’ll be 200 quid better off??! Well there you go… the tories work for me mate! Umm… did I just say that?

So Liz Taylor eh… reading and watching some of her obits (I know I know I’ve been in yankee land this year) you realise she was actually a proper star, rather than these pretenders these days. I mean, don’t get me wrong she’s got nothing on Katie Price but I mean who does. I guess Liz probably modelled herself on Katie in later years. The only one rather contentious thing I’ll say is that watching the footage of her on the news @ Jacko’s funeral last night… you can def say they went to the same face surgeon! Still… she did a lot for Aids… she actually did do a lot for Aids… Anyway, moving on as that didn’t come out as eloquently as planned.

Late to the party on this one but Owsley ‘LSD’ Stanley died last week. “Stanley produced an estimated pound (half a kilogram) of pure LSD, or roughly 5 million “trips” of normal potency of the hallucinogenic drug, after enrolling in 1963 at the University of California at Berkeley…” Yeah I’m pretty glad I wasn’t near him in ’63… or even alive for that matter.

Great seeing Mr Mitchell get Nigel Farage to say silly sht on 10 o’ clock show last week… but the whole ‘booing’ thing I mean it just nullifies any sort of left wing stance on the matter – “Oooh yeah saying really right-wing stuff, I know the best way to counteract that is to boo… “cos that’s what they do on Question Time isn’t it?

Unicorn Guy courtesy for mr paterson… jesus! It’s been commented that I dance like this at times… I think I need new dance.

Classic dance… truly classic dance. he’s amazing!! Note the pet shop boys creeping in around the 2 min mark?! “I like the move at 0:57 – is he asking for just 1 more song please?”

Mr S:

Have you seen how many views that terrible Friday song now has! this week’s mindbending genius: Drunken Slurring Dwarf sings ‘Cutie Patootie

Very interesting radiation comparison chart

Eh mon pere:


The truth about the tree octopus “The media want you to believe absurdities like that tree octopuses don’t exist or that Belgium does.” OK then. “Stop hitting your head with that hammer… and your headache will go away.” In fact she does actually start talking something vaguely well argued after that bit about causal-ness.

Some of these are rubbish and some are great. Ta pops

How to rob people’s passwords… essentially!

Eh moi:

I fancy a bit of Silk Weaving. Rather mesmerising. In fact, I found out this week off a friend Soundrop thing we posted a few weeks back has it’s own free app… ace! Let Charles tell us all about it… it’s a very complicated thing, it def needs explaining. I must be hearrrd!! God I’m such a cynical fkkr! While we’re on the subject: Making music only from Windows XP & 98 Quite fun. Wow, almost 8 million hits!

Wow, time-lapse Aurora Borealis

Space through Nasa’s Eyes

Random Google Street View

Brian Eno eat your heart out
– really cool actually.

Right, I think that’ll do for today…

Oh my word… did you pick up the House that Trax built 14 tracker a few weeks back… massively, massively huge. Also, become obsessed with late Abba (no, not in an ironic Dalston way) this week too. “If you dream of the girl for you, just call us and get two for the price of one…” What do you mean the Swedes went mental at the end.


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