This Week 24/3 NYC


“Hi, wil. You have 16 unreaded message from Twitter.?I am looking for man to have a strong family. And you? ?Click this link. Once you confirm, all future email from Twitter will be sent to this address.”
Right then, I’ll get to that right away then.

“T my friends:Im rarely one to recommend a product unless its really something amazing but i have been taking this stuff that my doc recommended for fat loss and ive lost eight pounds in a week” Cool, thanks for mailing me that, I’m really interested in that too.

“This Is Our Last Notice To You. We wish to notify you again that you were listed as a beneficiary to the total sum of? 8, 300,000.00 GBP (Eight Million Three Hundred Thousand Great British Pounds Sterling)” Brilliant, I’m on that too.

“PETA Protests Use Of Chickens To Randomly Pick Oscar Winners. Animal-rights group PETA is protesting the Academy’s use of chickens randomly stepping on buttons to choose Oscar Award winners each year.”

“Saudi Arabian King To Populace: ‘Don’t Even Think About It’” The Onion – “Report news… ask questions later” If I’d never come to NYC, I’d have never found The Onion

“I have seen the truth and it doesn’t make sense”

“Arguments from authority carry little weight (in science there are no “authorities”).” Carl Sagan

Dear Diary, this will be my last entry as I stare out on what was termed ‘hoxton sq in NYC’ by a friend on Skype-os yesterday.
NYC has been a mixed bag this week… I’ll start by apologising for the lack of La Paz/Noo Yawk stand off… this is entirely my fault. Ms Ryle has completed her side of the bargain, I have been caned from all sides (not quite like that…) so have had time cut short once again for all things creative/written word/nonsense/drivel.

I started this last night sat in a cafe staring out onto 3rd Ave as the city buzzed by like ants… well maybe not ants… let’s say more like colourful (sorry that should be colorful over here shouldn’t it?) lemmings… I reminisce on a month past as my time draws to a close.

What’s happened this week? I’ve listened to a lot of people talk about where the best place to eat ‘mexican’ or ‘italian’ or whatever… while i’m ffffin eating! Does everyone in this town know exactly where to eat the best of blah blah blah? Is there nothing more to talk about? I know this city has produced some of the greatest cultural reference points of modern times but has the conversation really deteriorated to just talking about food all the time or have we chosen to move in the wrong circles?! Could it be that had we made it to mistersaturdaynight all would have been different?! I have been to a korean spa which was truly one of the greatest experiences of my life. I have walked to Brooklyn… I have found a coat with a world map printed on it – possibly the greatest item of clothing I have ever seen… I have eaten ribs and gone bowling (and won!). I have walked less than normal this week…

The massive thing about NYC is that although I can’t often feel my feet when I’m outdoors, at least the bright sunshine permeates throughout outdoor life and indeed my soul.
Jesus, I’ve just had some salad and some fruit for the first time in over a week and I’ve come over all weird… I feel life slowly returning to my body.

I can def say that I may potentially be hooked on burgers.

Tea tastes weird here… PG tip tastes very soil-y!

Je ne regrette rien… in fact my only regret having been in NYC all this time is to have not made it to Mr Saturday Night on the first weekend we were here due to incapacitating ourselves on the Friday. Having checked this rather fine mix up on Allez Allez and realising they’re now over the other side of the pond for a bit… Plastic People on sat no less I realise that we should def have dragged our sorry asses out of bed and to this.
Last week’s forays into club land involved Matthew Dear and Philip Jung (M.A.N.D.Y.) in the basement of a hotel for free and Carl Craig & friends in what can only be described as NYC’s answer to fabric. Both failed to spark a flame with either myself or my co-hort. Sat night was put on the back burner in light of the previous 2 night’s dampners. The happy bar crawl earlier in the week held greater ups.
Fear not dear reader (for I consider you indeed dear and a reader if you have made it thus far with my ramblings), Friday night brings Mr Nicolas Jaar on the roof of the Standard Hotel – the James Blake deserving of the hype? ooh ya bitch! – and Sat DJosos Harvey playing @ a James Murphy related bar… if neither of these inspire then I think there’s def a case of square in a round hole (or whatever that saying is) for us on these shores as far as darkness and loud repetitive beats goes.

I might just go an hang here for the rest of my time… mcsorleysnewyork – the best pub in NYC bar none.

Still, there’s ridiculously great record shops here. I discovered a Talking Heads record I’d never heard. Never thought that would happen! Arthur Baker makes David Byrne sound like Shaun Ryder and Tina Weymouth et al the Mondays… wtf?!

Anger is an energy… don’t know why I’ve been drawn back to this track over the past few days…

God this must be boring for you to read this week eh?

So, them gays are finally getting proper marriage rights in America. What is the world coming to? Earthquake… Gadafi… Gay marriage rights. That’s my week in politics… done.

Jesus, I think I need to get home… I’m losing any vestige of sardonic wit I ever possessed!

Kim Jong Il looking at things… so ridiculously compulsive… I still haven’t tired of looking at this!

Oops, lost my size 21 trainers recently… I wonder where they could be?

Invisible gorilla!! Count the number of passes… really good!

Baby trashes bar in Las Palmas courtesy of Mr Jones… thanks for that! :)

360 degree sistine chapel ceiling – ace.

Weird Finnish guys freaks out whilst eating licorice

Obituaries would be a lot more interesting if they told me how the person died

The Japanese girl who loves to levitate

10 buildings that are shaped like what they sell

Yeah can you get me some slippers designed like my face if pose for you?

“The former Rolling Stones bassist, Bill Wyman, began a relationship with thirteen-year-old Mandy Smith, when he was forty-seven. They married six years later in 1989, but divorced after less than two years. Not long after the divorce, Bills thirty-year-old son, Stephen, married Mandy Smiths mother, Patsy, age forty-six.” and other random facts

Right, Dim Sum is calling me… I go satisfy my chinese food cravings!

Till the other side of the pond.


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