This Week 23/6


“A ride? Now that’s a good idea. Let’s go…”

“See I didn’t know we’d ever be able to afford these clothes” Classic lyrics from Tinchy Stryder ft. Dappy… massive. Is this 50Cent breakdown UK style…

“What the f^&* is your obsession with James Murphy?” Text I received at 5AM Saturday morning out in Barca as he began playing records. You know who you are

Right then, no spam this week you’ll be pleased to know but another truncated rantsom this week as I need to get them encrusted wellies out the roof and get down somerset way… Sonar was heavy, thanks for asking. You’ll get a whole dedicated rant on it next. Four Tet, closing the outside as the sun went down. And James Murphy playing this as his last record as the sun came up the next morning… let’s just say my pants weren’t that dry. More to come…bet you can’t wait.

I just can’t work out whether I’m just turning into a total misreable old sod or if pop music is truly at an all time low. I was up pretty late last night sorting this nonsense out and there’s this whole feature on Foster the People. I mean… what? Banging on with a load of old what seemed like the most overused cliches ever. ‘Yeah they say touring can break people up but friendship never ends’ 3 million hits for this?!

Wicked and Avril Lavigne’s back… come save us. You are just the best. “All my music has been really personal because they’ve been like about my life and what I’ve been through” Wicked… that album’s gonna be killer. “You say that I’m messing with your head, cos I was making out with your friend.” It’s just the sort of deep, contemplative record I need between Sonar and Glastonbury to get me on my way…

And what is wrong with Katy Perry?? Seriously…

God, must stop. Moving on from last week’s whole Google tailoring, have you noticed how when you google something it now tells you when you last visited it under each listing? Mmm don’t like that neither… not one bit!

Just a bit of pre-warning from R$N’s ghost writer Mr Macri about next Thursday’s co-ordinated day of direct action against cuts. Sure there’ll be a whole heap of ranting about it next week but just a heads up and all that…

Ai Weiwei release ‘not linked’ to Chinese PM’s visit to Europe… yeah mate.

David Cameron becomes dictator on war by trying to silence military chiefs. Jesus, even the Telegraph disagrees with that!

Anyway, fk glastonbury, i’m off here… how good does that look? I know Scott’s already there…let’s make sure they do actually go to Marbella.


This is the future – amazing! Really amazing… how to transport liquid.

This is a joke, right?

Dancehall tourist – so, so wrong.

Heaven on the earth

Rather lovely track and video

Hmm, not quite sure where I sit in these three! Mixture of the 3 I think…

And on that note, I have an idea:

Right… to the field!

Shisser… look at the state of it already!


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