This Week 22/9


“One down and one to go. “That’s kind of cruel but that’s reality.” Sheriff Billy Rowles

Tonight Georgia may well have executed an innocent man and discredited the US justice system.”  Amnesty Troy Davis shows the US up for being the most forward thinking country once again.

“anyone else like DnB ASWELL asTiesto? and trance? big tune” caniphobia 2 hours ago

“Bonkers 1 is THE best dance album of the last 20 years. YOU CAN PUT THAT ON MY GRAVESTONE” SP

“Mixmag: Who Is The Greatest Dance Act Of All Time?
SP: Hixxy & sharkey. This year at the bangface weekender was the greatest hour of my life. Dressed as a penguin, surrounded by a guy in a morph suit, a slutty nurse and some other $&%^s covered in fake blood and guts going for it. AMAZING.” SP

“Hi Wil,
We’re trying out a new feature to reduce the amount of email you receive from Facebook. Starting today, we are turning off most individual email notifications and instead, we’ll send you a summary only if there are popular stories you may have missed.
You can turn individual emails back on and restore all your original settings at any time.
The Facebook team” Absolutely brilliant, thanks ‘team’ for spamming me to tell me you’re not going to spam me so much… that’s great.

So a mixture of disdain for the US justice system and incredulity at the state of the music industry this week… much change there Wil? Really?

“Last year the USA executed 46 death row inmates, a lower figure than in recent years, but still the fifth highest number of any country in the world. Over 3,200 prisoners are currently on death row in the USA.”

Sweet jesus have you heard the new High Contrast featuring Tiesto & Underworld? OK, can someone just explain to me how the f&%^ing f&*% that even happened? I mean Underworld, Tiesto, High Contrast… wow, I can just picture the record company meeting. So I was thinking right, everyone’s all over the Underworld comeback – even tho the album’s a tad average – and I think we want to appeal to the more mainstream Ibiza crowd so let’s get Tiesto involved and then I’ve heard the kids are really into drum n’ bass again… but the more obvious stuff. Oh yeah and everyone’s using that auto-tune at the moment aren’t they? Yeah wicked so I’m thinkin’ Trance and Bass with a ‘classic’ auto-tuned vocal? Oh and Karl if you could sound like that Chris out of Embrace would be wicked. I loved em’ back in the day. Boom, I’ve got just the answer:

I just love some of the comments below too: 

it’s so cool to hear, which note is from which artist of the three, my favourite part is from 2:23
nantocsem 1 hour ago

anyone else like DnB ASWELL asTiesto? and trance? big tune
2 hours ago

So Glad to see Lincoln (HC) back, been far too long!!!!? Tune!!
2 hours ago

Dave? feels EPIC !!!!
6 hours ago

Fuck tiesto, high contrast? is the man!
14 hours ago

Hey Tiesto, dont lose your identity, your used to be? number one and yet there are many fans like me that if you believe.
15 hours ago

And a final word from Mr Cottington on this matter (for now): “but actually is alright if you put it on mute”

In fact this whole thing probably happened in Biffa on a pile of gak didn’t it? Jesus, what has become of the music industry… and pop music in general. What are the kids going think when they grow up?!

So mass protests in Greece.


France imposes first fine on Niqab wearing band

More importantly, where did this saying come from of late “I am really under the cosh at the moment”? I’ve even started using it. What does it even mean?

“This is a great day for homosexuals,” Navarro added. “Even those who now have nothing to return home to.” First-Ever Gay ‘Dear John’ Letters Begin Reaching U.S. Troops Overseas

Countryside Alliance
@ Glade – boom!

“NEW YORKAn angry and visibly intoxicated Dalai Lama was arrested early this morning after assaulting a photographer outside the newly revamped Studio 54 discotheque in Manhattan.” Dalai Lama Decks Photographer In Disco Melee – gotta love The Onion!

Bosnian Gum company Introduces New War-Flavored Gum – you could go on forever with em.

Wow, exciting stuff – new Coldplay album soon come – gonna blow! 

Sensible interactive design – rather nice.

Forget the Richard in a Box… this is Room In A Box

Zeppelin into hangar

Tyre art

Christ on a bike, Danny just gets better and better by the day doesn’tThe  he…always good to end on a belter.Right then, forward to Aphex and weekend of non-computer based activity and stop a little short-arse from getting us thrown out of our villa!

Ta ra