This Week 21/7


“James Murdoch has 99 problems but he has no direct knowledge of whether or not a bitch ain’t one.” @robertflorence

“I did not have equestrian relations with that prime minister.” @RichNeville

“God will you all knob off! I do not look like Rebekah Brookes!!!!! You mother fkrs!!!”@caroldecker

“Portculis House, Line 4, the Wilson Room…” Post foam-in-face @ NOW enquiry… repeat to fade/go mad.

“Think there’s an image of the suspect here.” C. Brooker on twitter.

“Foam hacking.” @OfficialBanker

“You live and you learn and believe me I have learned…” great stuff Davey, let’s move on shall we. With that statement I have complete confidence in the future.

“Broadband doesn’t employ people, trains do” Pete Waterman. Yeah mate, OK then… everyone shops in record shops these days too don’t they? No-one shops online and HMV’s thriving, not to mention all those indies.

“I dont have any good photos of Tiesto. Trying to get close enough to snap a picture of Tiesto at a mega-club in Magaluf is about the same difficulty level as punching Will and Kate in the face on the day of the royal wedding.” Amazing piece on Tiesto Foam Party Magaluf in Vice

My, my Twitter has been kind to me this week for quotes hasn’t it!

OK, so let’s dispense with the #hackgate as much as we can this week eh. Yes, it is ridiculous and yes they’ve all got selective amnesia but it’s been flogged to death and maybe let’s deal with something altogether a little less familiar/comfortable. Yeah there’s a heap of Al-Qaida related arguments against the East Africa crisis – but the cold fact of the matter remains that 50% of those affected by what is now finally being called a ‘famine’ by the UN are acutely malnourished. I’m not going to profess to know nearly enough about the situation there but I’d suggest you go have a look here and on the DEC site

mercuryprize announced. hopefully #adele wins to help with her tax bill. in fact maybe i should send her a tenner now anyway…

George Michael on Twitter – pure gold dust.

Lulzsec hackers target The Sun’s website – brilliant! Macri, you runnin the show at the moment.

Goodbye space shuttle… this is quite cool little picture in Nat Geo from a landing. Line up, line up. In fact there’s a load of amazing ones here too.

Gold reaches a record 1000 an ounce barrier! Definitely know what I’m putting all my plethora of riches into then… the Euro, what?

Drunk referee: go on mate, try and stand up, go on…

Cheer up, the worst is yet to come! Why didn’t that take off?

Help Alexander Shulgin: had no idea about any of this.

Apple revenue up 82%… and I’m only contributing to it. Did I mention I’m endorsing Twitter too? I believe Apple & Twitter compliment each other perfectly. Forget microsoft and facebook, I feel Apple & Twitter reflect my life and style most. That OK for you Steve-o? Can I get paid now?

News Corp share prices absolutely smashing it.

“Chantelle: I dieted so much I can’t have kids” “Chantelle is, understandably very upset.” Alright jesus, I mean it’s really big news for me and maybe don’t take pictures of her like that then in an interview if she’s upset.

Also can’t believe I haven’t followed @charltonbrooker yet… ridiculously great.

Animals face to face

Give him the evil look

Japanese text emoticons. No (^o) (/o^)/ for me this weekend… need a rest from raving!

Maybe I should go make a speaker instead.

Then I might go and get all the change out a Coke machine

10 amazing views from aeroplanes – the first one of London’s amazing.

Phew, how much is going on this week… Euro’s all kickin off now too. Another dribble for another time!

Right, I’m off for a little cycle this weekend…very possibly in the pissing rain. Oh my god, that looks like a bit of brightness in the sky… must go court it… here brightness


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