This Week… Tom selleck… waterfalls… sandwiches


"I live a pretty simple life." Tom Selleck

Just The Facts

  1. originally cast as indiana jones, but thought using a whip was gay
  2. shaving his mustache for film, or TV cause a immediate deficit in the GDP of belgium
  3. senior NRA member, who also started the "guns for mustaches" program
  4. played one season (1992) with the detroit tigers
  5. born in detroit michigan via krypton

And now for the greatest website ever. Tom Selleck Photoshopped into waterfalls and sandwiches

"Everyone knows that the greatest and most iconic contribution to Cinema is Tom Selleck's Moustache.  So great is it that there isn't a single film that would not be improved by the inclusion of Tom Selleck's Moustache.  As proof I present this montage."

Wow there's a whole facebook page devoted to Tom Selleck's Moustache

I think that'll do this week… I'm finally getting fomo about the big field in Somerset. Need to go and work on my trenchfoot down the park.

Ta ra x