This Week 19 1


"History shouldn't be a mystery
Our story's real history
Not his story"

Chuck D

'UK must build 'a better economy' Cameron. Cool mate, that's the fruits of the 'Big Society' thinking is it. That's revolutionary mate. I mean yeah makes total sense. So tell us about the banking world again then?

"I just smoked a whole bunch of crack" Is it Groundhog Day or something? Family Guy is repeating itself ridiculously this week. Same slot, same show. Come on.

"If everyone on the planet lived like the average UK citizen we would need about three extra earths to supply all the raw materials". Stephan Harding

"Attention restaurant customers… testicles, that is all." Peter Griffin Yup same show still… what do you mean deja vu?

"Right, that's err, that's err more than enough for now…" Paxman… last night!

“Boris Island” airport = 100,000 job losses" Boris Island – go on lad, build that airport out there. That poor lot can't vote you in or out anyway. Concentrate on keeping Heathrow happy.

I know I'm late on this… but ooh don't the new BBC site look nice?

Technology is taking over our lives – cohort is nooooot happy!

So the fluffy trousered cat face is back on the scene again. Dozing silently next to I as we speak. Off the biscuits too. He's like a changed cat. Eh, aren't you mate? Cat No Speak.

2012's alright so far innit? Almost at the end of Jan already and look where we are. Is there a correlation between us slipping further and further into a double dip recession – don't start getting technical on stuff you don't know enough about Wil – and people's happiness? Whilst all around us falls apart do we just regress into all the stuff that doesn't cost us much. I've almost read a whole book this year already and everything! Tho that might be thanks to Simon Reynolds'… 

L sent me this the other day. Apparently if I'm ever lost for stuff to dribble on about then his sorts it right out
He's got a point tho: "Shoreditch 8-bit gentrify lomo photo booth craft beer, brunch viral. Fanny pack salvia wayfarers put a bird on it, farm-to-table tattooed craft beer art party synth viral beard VHS tumblr american apparel. Cliche seitan bicycle rights shoreditch Austin. Locavore high life gentrify, tofu VHS wayfarers mixtape wolf irony seitan mlkshk helvetica carles cred."

Is this the end of Universal Time and in turn the Greenwich Meridian? Not if Canada and Britain have anything to do with it.

Jesus did you see Theresa Crabtree on the other night "Are there too many people in the world? As a Catholic, and the mother of 14 children, Teresa Crabtree rejects the idea there are too many people on earth. Teresa is confident that God will not send more people to the world than we can look after." Yeah mate… OK yeah that's what it is. It's god, it's not you choosing. You wanna have a listen to Roger Martin mate.
God, I know I keep posting him… but I just keep coming back to Doug Stanhope!

Get lost! The new art of travel for the 21st Century. Very interesting.

Masterchef, right. absurd yeah…but strangely compulsive, if not just raise eyebrows when either of them two speak.
Watching it last night and then got to thinking there must be a ton of piss takes on 'tha toob'.
Everyone's seen biscuit bass but this is a banger too:

Naked mole rats have the world's ugliest, most sluggish sperm… ummmm…. ummmm…. ok.

Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Genius quite good.

I did nazi that coming… – that joke only sounds right if you do it in an american accent.

The border between Belgium and Netherlands in a cafe

Population… 1

In fact, this is a fun site all round. Go amuse yerselves with that while I send this… it's almost dark yknow. Wow, look at the sky! 

Till next week. Have a little look around elsewhere on here. Some good stuff this week.

Ta ra x