This Week 12/5


I am writing on behalf of the Prime Minister your letter is receiving attention. Yours sincerely Mrs. E. Adams” OK wicked, at least someone real’s dealing with my letter.

“Vacuum cleaner sucks up budgie… mmmbye bye” J. Strummer

“So who is going Loco Dice tonight?” Joey Essex shows where the cutting edge is at.

“Lib Dem MP David Laws should be suspended from the Commons for seven days over his expenses claims” Wow, that’s a wrap on the knuckles innit… 7 days!!

“So the answer to my question is you don’t know” Gotta love the Paxman.

“Aprs nous, le dluge.” “When we suffer we will not suffer alone”. Such is the argument of dictators throughout the ages.

“I see you over there talking to Jean Pierre le Douche” Le Le

“Watch shows your status! Girls love cool watch!” Replica Rolex Watch Spam

Right then, English summer full steam ahead… good job I’ve not been outside the past few days to experience the beautiful downpours.

Let me start by saying, how dare those disabled people protest… they should be grateful they get anything at all to be honest. I mean I pay my taxes, why should it all go to them. Ok, they’ve cut a 1BN from the disability but they should be grateful for the 3 million carrot Maria Miller is offering them. You know what they about gift horses?!

Syria… I think we should just ignore em. They’ve done nothing to hurt us so let’s just let em get on with it… Libya on the other hand, they’re really bad.

10 year old son of white supremacist shoots his father with his own gun. I don’t know why that amuses me?

With the death of Spam Corner I’m keeping the dream alive via way of fantastic spam some gold dust in there.

Inflation expected to be higher than first predicted, brilliant!

Want to know how big stuff is? From the smallest to the largest, check the scale of the universe quite incredible

10 most complained about adverts last year

Check out the menu headings, and check out the names of the machines – check the pig washing machine. Jesus Mads how did you end up here?! “Like a sheet of Radiohead lyrics on a particularly glum day…”

Bin Laden family tree
– don’t know what the interest is here but… I’m interested.

Redneck home remodels
– I can’t decide if this is voyeuristicallly casting aspersions or not… or maybe I should just stop being so sensitive. I do like what they’ve done with a shopping trolley tho.

The ideas of Chomsky courtesy of Mr Zbisweisyckyck.

Street art photos
follow your dreams cancelled.

What can you learn on youtube?

Hello, is that AT &T

Right then, I think that’s me done for today… I really have to get outside for the first time since Tuesday… Oh yeah, not one to blow me own trumpet. Normally just hide behind a load of words and sardonic paranoia but got me first thing in the Guardian last week… that were nice. 10 of the best clubs in London

Ooh, did I tell you you can now buy tix for all shows through facebook? No, well you can alright… get em ere like x

Cheers for your ears…and eyes.


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