This Week 11/3


so, spring’s been and gone then eh? jolly good then. oh no, there it comes – i can see it… oh no, false alarm. still lying out on my friends roof in the sun on sunday morning was pretty lush… even if it’s fkked off again now.

“don’t worry the verve are recording a new album…” brilliant! I’ve seen these hitler getting angry things before but hadn’t seen the one where he learned of the oasis split… pretty funny. Thanks Joe.

Creative dog grooming – some people really do have too much time on their hands don’t they? There’s also something seriously not right about this…take a look at the snail one… that’s just wrong!

What a long suffering dog… thanks X.

“WikiLeaks has probably produced more scoops in its short life than the Washington Post has in the past 30 years” Have you checked out Wikileaks? Pretty amazing what they do and have been publishing… good film by Jaques Peretti that went out a while ago.

For those of us with a) little musical talent and b) not lots of time to spend setting all the analogueness up – this is quite fun: Hobnox – yeah electro man! pretty good for an online thing too, tho my internet is having a fit today… so maybe not.

“yes but as long as he films a word-for-word re-enactment of Liar Liar for me…” two absolute belters of Family Guy on last night… “good, cos if you screw up… i’ll kill you.” I didn’t realise how funny it was… am I just a, ‘oh well it’s not as good as the simpsons’ type of person… possibly not anymore.

This week, two countries are seeking to break the worldwide ban on ivory trading — a decision that could wipe out whole elephant populations and bring these magnificent animals closer to extinction.

must buy my cat some of this for his birthday. while we’re on the cat subject (again, are we ever not?) – have you checked out cats that look like hitler? kitlers! Meet the longest rabbit in the world.

A Fate Worse Than Deptford: The Puppet Musical – a friends thing down in Deptford… go check.

‘There are no casual experiments’. New documentary about Alexander Shulgin floating about – his thoughts on the use of ecstacy in today’s world… man. Thanks Will P.

I married my friends father! Really, then how’s about making a bit of cash from it then eh?

Was that a more random selection than normal?? Yes, yes I believe it was…

fair well? well, yeah I seem to have been OK from the mammoth weekend last week – michael mayer, how good? – let’s see where we’re at after bloc next week tho…

still need to work on that facebook culling – obviously I’m not that down with the kids anymore…

oooh tatty bye.

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