This Week 02/12


Jobs For All
Never had it so good is the whine we hear,
From Lord Young and his merry men.
What relief that must be to the millions unemployed
Whose lives are declared null and void.
By policies that have ruined and destroyed.
But well get the figures down, cries the Minister
With drastic measures for our jobless masses
Who are press-ganged into menial labour
These Tory bastards know no bounds
Anyone for Y.T.S., J.T.S. or Restart?”

Uncredited from poetry corner from a very old Boys Own. The 20 year cycle continues!

Dom Joly ” what would you have rather have got as a prize than a gillian mckeith s***bar shaun?”
Shaun Ryder “beer… and a shot gun.”

“who are you, how did you get in here? ” “I’m the locksmith, and I’m the locksmith” Leslie Nielsen 1926 -2010

“Phil here at home dying with a manky throat (feel like I’ve eaten a massive sword laden chinese army) but with the wonders of the internet I can pretty much always work wherever I am, so even when I’m ill I can still work. Brilliant!” Norman Records ‘this week’.

So, did we win the world cup then? Eh? Eh? Dunno mate, I ain’t no prophet.

Snow… snow… snow. Do I even need to talk about that? Can’t deal with it can we… sat inside shivering most of time as my cat calls me a tight btd! I need to get on a plane in a few hours… that might worth be talking about. Hmm… no, that’s boring isn’t it? Jesus, just saw on the news last night Greece is experiencing record heat!! Ummm…

In fact, god is that the time… praise the lord for Mr Shepherd:

“Dunno how you managed to miss these links this week:

Bernard Matthews is dead

I suggest that you dont go to 168 Rue Principale, Saint Guillaume,
Drummond, Canada
(not sure this is available anymore… shame)

How not to make a mint julip.

In these times of hard-ship, what do we need? According to this Labour MP, its more expensive booze thats the solution. “two 70cl bottles of brand spirits for 20″? Waitrose?


Kool Keith looses it, again

5 things that Students didnt protest about under the previous government:

The truly excellent Rowan Atkinson.

Bath Spa in slow motion

Now back to my nonsense…

A night of foods that make billions… must be wednesday evening again. In fact it’s not any longer… let’s leave that there. Is that all you ever get? My sh**e tv viewing habits.

Wow just watching ‘The Zone’ on ITV last night… do people actually watch it? I answered my question at the start of this sentence didn’t I? stop it wil, no-one cares about what you watch on tv late at night.

Its illegal to wear a fake mustache that causes laughter in church.

Who wants chowder? Why does my little brain find this so funny… “Peter I need you to hold my bleurgh,..” I’ve only watched it about 5 times in a row now. Ho hum…

This a fantastic blog that I’d totally forgotten about. Awesome Tapes From Africa. Was just talking with someone yesterday about the resurgence of the tape.

At the end of the day… Jeremy Kyle.

The platypus knows 80 ways to poison you.

Thing in a jar

Angel Falls Venezuela

Right gotta get outta here and get me’s on a plane… oh and transcribe that Wevvers interview I just done… chance’d be a fine thing!


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