The Week in Pizza Pasta, Simplicity, hangovers of sorts…


This week I have mostly been eating…

“I like pizza, I like pasta… what could be better than putting the two together…”

“One does not accumulate but eliminate. It is not daily increase but daily decrease. The height of cultivation runs to simplicity.”  Bruce Lee obviously talking about the pasta pizza, or pizza pasta.

“If there’s a cure for this… I don’t want it.”  D. Summer

‘The government of Syria has crossed a red line. It has used poison gas, killing hundreds of innocent people and committing a heinous war crime. And suddenly, clear as a bell, we have good vs. evil. Our only course of action, President Obama and his spokespersons tell us, is to carry out a punitive strike against the Syrian government.

This is the abstraction of warspeak, which summons a deeply satisfying mythology of righteous vengeance while making the action sound so clear and logical.

Stopping a war before it’s started.’

I made a tea. As always, click image.

To be continued… the internet in here is zer bad… I will come back to this I promise.
?It’s not you…it’s me