the black dog to release sound of sheffield volume 1 next week


The Black Dog are still at it, 25 years after bursting onto the Sheffield scene – and, by the sound of their forthcoming release on Dust Science Recordings, they haven’t mellowed with age.

The Sound of Sheffield Vol 1 is made up of 3 tracks all shooting directly for the warehouse floor – brutal, uncompromising hammer blow techno for those that like it industrial.

Of the 3 tracks: Ism; Dropforge Learning and Too Many Isms, it’s Dropforge Learning that really goes all out – taking 2014’s vogue for hard, distressed techno and turning the intensity up to 11. 

The Sound of Sheffield Vol 1 is the first of four volumes set for release and is out next Monday. You can pre order the digital here.

Listen below to the clips for a taster: