The Amiga Is 30 Years Old Today


Today marks a big moment; the 30th anniversary of a machine that launched a thousand rave tunes. Yep, on July 23rd 1985, the Amiga 1000 was launched in the UK. By todays standards the machine was a hefty lumbering brick but back in the day, to use the technical term, it shat all over the competition. Neither the noble, if lightweight, ZX Spectrum or the cocky Commodore 64 were able to compete with the Amiga's muscle flexin' 512 KB of ram. In reality though, it was the later release of the Amiga 500 that really caught on in the home market. With the addition of the music program Octamed, the Amiga started to challange the Atari as the home producers work station of choice.

You want proof? Watch and marvel at an Octamed rendition of the Mickey Finn & Aphrodite's classic Some Justice below. Pro Tools Schmo Tools.