Star of Bethnal Green Food Review



Good pubs are becoming rarer and rarer these days, with the relentless rise of the grotty Wetherspoons seemingly unstoppable, which, I guess, is one of the key reasons why The Star of Bethnal Green has become a bit of an institution for every East Londoner in the know. Having long since offered an impressive array of beverages (none of that watered-down Fosters rubbish) coupled with great events, it was only a matter of time before it branched out into the realms of the culinary. Last week I took a trip down to my local to be amongst the first to sample the delights of its new range of Mario’s pizzas…
As I’ve said, the Star of Bethnal Green really is a great pub, with a warm interior that manages to strike the balance between functionality and comfort, simply making it a pleasant place to be. The staff are great as well, with myself and my dining partner being greeted with a warm welcome, with the staff genuinely seeming to want to make your time in the establishment as nice as possible. We settled down with our aperitifs and waited for our food to arrive, taken from the new menu, which inexplicably seems to be based on DJ puns. Whether it be a Ricotta Villalobos (pretty good) or a Derek Carter Meat Feast (clutching at straws a bit), there’s something on the menu to satiate any house aficionado’s hunger and I fervently waited a chance to try a Sasha Margarita.
Filling the void with ginger beer and chitchat whilst my partner heartily swigged Prosecco, the arrival of the pizza was met with great excitement and I have to say it did a fairly decent job of fulfilling my expectations. A light base and ample toppings, with a definite taste of the homemade, I was definitely satisfied with my food and can’t think of too many ways to improve it. Okay, so the range on offer may not extend far past pizza, but what do you expect from a drinking establishment? This is classy pub grub, ideal for those wanting a quick bite to eat, or even as a cultured way to line the stomach before a night on the tiles. In short, this is tasty and quick food in a pleasant environment. Ideal sans the iffy wordplay.