Rural Gloucester shire Village Disturbed By Rampant ‘Swingers’ Festival


Steaming in to snatch the crown for 'most slept on event of 2015', may we introduce "Swingfields" – a 3 day shindig that somehow slipped our notice when we compiled the Ransom Note Festival Guide. According to a fairly salacious report in todays Telegraph (although given the subject matter we can't see how it couldn't be salacious), last weekend saw sleepy Gloucestershire village Flaxley surprised to find Swingfields – a festival full of hundreds of gleefully rutting swingers –  camped on it's doorstep. According to the Swingfields website, entertainment at the festival ranges from the standard – live music, chill out rooms, DJ sets, to the more 'specialist', with stalls proferring adult toys, and an array of hot tubs and massage parlours all ready and waiting to be enjoyed. Unsurprisingly, the upstanding villagers of Flaxley were a bit taken aback- presumably they're more used to keeping this sort of carry on within the safe confines of the local Tory club. 

From the Telegraph;  

"One villager, who asked not to be named  said: "It was quite a shock when we went down to the gates on Thursday night to ask them to keep the music down."
"Let's just say when we saw a banner with the words '3 is the magic number' and a variety of interesting images we knew this wasn't just your usual music festival….. Another resident said "It's absolutely bloody awful. This is taking it too far. I don't think it should be happening."

"There must be 1,000 people there, it's ridiculous. It is just wrong on a moralistic ground."

Naturally, the biggest question flying round the Ransom Note office is who the hell was DJing? And do they have a guest spot for Tonka @ Swingfields 2016?