Random slices #22




The Fields cafe on Richmond Road E8 have got a night on Friday dedicated to the smooth sounds of R Kelly. It's called 'Trapped in the Closet' and kicks off at 7.30. Expect sex dwarfs and a hell of a lot of bump n grinding. If you can't pull at an R Kelly night, you're doing something wrong. No web link for this one, just follow the smell of sex through Hackney central.




A week on codeine is a hell of a thing. When accompanied by a terrible chest infection and a sudden, deep addiction to Breaking Bad (what a show), you are headed towards dangerous, beautiful territory.  Don't try it at home, kids – you'll convince yourself you have lung cancer but be too smacked out to give a shit.




The David Bowie exhibition kicks of at the V&A on Saturday, everything from hand-written lyric sheets to his original mad outfits. Accompanied by the new LP and an apparent tour on the horizon, a new wave of Bowie Fever seems about to strike – never a bad thing in my book.