Random Slices #10


This week we get all futuristic with musical clothing; explosive with gunpowder and Day of the Deadish with Wahaca…

Natural Circuits

Talking t-shirts, laser cut forests, becoming an electrostatic force that controls sounds and images? What?! I don’t have the foggiest idea what it’s all about but tech-heads tell me it’s the future. The Barbican are hosting the Natural Circuits weekender this, erm, weekend – and you should go and, erm, twizzle some binaries. I can barely manage analogue, so don’t ask me, but looks good, sort of. Sorry. Further Info​


Wooooo! Aaaaaah! Weeeee! That’s right, it’s natural burn to death in a shell suit day coming up, and there’s plenty going on around London. From the trad displays at Battersea in the South and Roundwood Park in the North to the more modern, hipster approach at Netil House 360 or various rooftop bars around the capital, it’s a night we all come together as countrymen to ponder just how close we came to blowing the fuck out of the powers that be and/or how pretty flashing things in the sky look. Weeeeeeee. Full London listings

Day of the Dead

The Mexicans, I love em. Their approach to life is fantastic, their approach to death is even better. Music, vivid art, dancing, hocus pocus and tequila. Basically, what every weekend should be about. The Old Vic have teamed up with Wahaca and are running a four day Day of the Dead fest from Wed 31st to Saturday 3rd with Rodrigo y Gabriela, art from the immense mexican artist Dr Lakra and more macabre fun than a whole day of Jimm’ll Fix It re runs. Get involved. Tickets/Info