London Tech Company Teach Computer To Write Music


This is potentially game changing. Jukedeck is a London based tech company who have just secured the £500K of funding they need to push forward. Their aim is to continue developing their prototype algorithm – an algorithm that creates unique music from scratch. Whilst there have been attempts to teach computers to make music before, Jukedeck goes far further, essentially making the computer mimic the process a composer goes through, making decisions on what should come next on a note-by-note basis.

Set up by Cambridge Music graduate and classical composer Ed Rex, Jukedeck can supposedly imitate any style of music. This is being marketed as a tool for film makers and video game manufacturers who are looking for royalty free content in their work. Naturally, if the Jukedeck program is as successful as Rex imagines, it will put a number of composers out of business. That includes the many, many musicians who support their more credible work with churning out advert music. We'd imagine the sync departments of various record labels would probably have something to say on the matter as well.

Jukedeck is still in development, but you can test it out over on the Jukedeck website – just hit the button and it'll come up with a short, completely original ditty for you in any number of random styles. So far we've got a sort of 8 bit chip tune thing, some string driven pop beat, an opulent piano melody, and a solo guitar line that, frankly, sounds shit. However, where they get to when they start spending that £500K is anyone's guess…