List Of Mps With Links To Private Health Care Emerges


Now this may come as a shock to some of you, but it turns out that some of the chappies running England may be on the fiddle. Union group UNITE have released a list of 70 MPs with proven links to private healthcare providers – and here’s the rum bit – all of these MPs voted in favour of the recent Health & Social Care Act, a bill that went a long way towards privatising swathes of the NHS. So… are you trying to say that… that they voted for something that would make them a bit richer…? But isn’t that kind of criminal? At all? Apparently not, although we’re buggered if we know why not.

You can see the full bastard list over here – Cameron’s at the top, naturally, along with guest appearances from fellow ‘humans’ I.D.S., William ‘Dolphin Square’* Hague and lyin’ Liam Fox. 

Tomorrow MPs meet to decide whether or not the Health & Social Care Act should be reversed – with a very real likelihood that the unpopular bill might be kicked out. There’s been quite a lot of rumblings from pressure group 38 Degrees to sort this out – if you’ve any interest at all in our country not being divided and sold to a selection of mad spluttering toffs, you can have a look at what they’ve got to say over here.

*google it