Latex Clad Tv Headed Transvestite Hitler Disrupts Edl March


Typing that headline gave us an immmense pleasure, largely because it's true. A recent anti-Islam rally held by the English Defense League, who, as we all know, are the inarguable pinnacle of genetic evolution, found itself interrupted by performance artist Victor Ivanov. Ivanov bowled up whilst dressed in what appeared to be a woman's latex sex suit. Or maybe it was made of binbags. With a TV playing Adolf Hitler for a head. Then he started seig heiling. It's uncertain whether the champions of the EDL took offense, or thought that Ivanov was their sexy new mascot. Could have been either. Here's some photos:

victor ivanov

victor ivanov sexy beast

Ivanov the tease

Ivanov has gone on to make a video  of himself dancing to various EDL chants. It's a little like the fevered erotic dreams of Alan Partridge, and about as strange as anything we've featured on the site this year. Here you go:


To enjoy more of Ivanov's strange, subversive world, head over to his website. You can even watch a video of him wearing a suit stitched from chicken skin. Mmmmmmm.