Joe Evans – Top 8 swear words of 2013


Our editor for 2014 – yes really – decides to swerve all the end of year round up nonsense and plump for the Top 8 swear words that were doing it for him in 2013.
Without further ado, here’s Joe’s Top 8 Swear Words of 2013.

1. Cunt. Perrenial favourite, back in fashion – what’s not to love?

2. Fuck. An oldie but a goody, easy to say, especially after a few whiskeys.

3. Bollox. As in ‘Stick it up your bollox!’ a la Roy Keane. Originally a christian term, so I’m told.

4. Shit. Still the best way of saying you’re not fond of something, much better descriptive term for poo than ‘poo’.

5. Bitch. Lily Allen’s trying to reclaim it. What a bitch!

6. Bastard. Lovely way of describing a parentless child, particularly good when delivered in a northern tone.

7. Tosspot. Like Hotpot, but more gutteral. A real banger!

8. Wanker. Funny thing about wanking is, everybody does it, but nobody admits to it. We are all wankers. 

Joe Evans can be found in much more eloquent form editing these pages in 2014.