Help Save The Bees, Please!


You honey-stly wouldn't bee-lieve how important bees are. *smug face*

But seriously, bees are pretty important. Apparently they pollinate 70 of the approximately 100 crop species that feed 90% of the world. So perhaps you can forgive them for the occasional sting considering they're helping keep us all alive and well. But as most people are aware, they're having a few troubles. Right now, they're having trouble with three huge pesticide firms named Bayer, Syngenta, and BASF. Fortunately, the great guys at the BeeDefender Alliance are trying to help the little critters out. They're currently taking on the chemical giants to try and ban three of the worst neonics out there from being used in Europe, as these are the chemicals linked to mass bee die offs.

The use of these chemicals has been temporarily banned in the EU for two years, but the two years are almost up and in December the case will inevitably come around again. To give the BeeDefense Alliance a fighting chance for this incredibly important cause, they need your help.
So please pledge a pound and help us put this buzzing problem bee-hind us! It would be nectar to their ears. (Not at all sorry…)