George Osborne Pranked By Thousands As He Looks For A New Hmrc Boss


Tax dodging toff Gideon Osborne has been tripped up in his search for a new head taxman. The current chief executive of HMRC is stepping down, and Osborne has started the search for a new man who'll be able to strike that tricky balancing act between bum-licking the wealthy and mercilessly pursuing the skint. Naturally George had been planning on carrying out the entire process of filling the role behind closed doors – we wouldn't want some sort of boat-rocking-perhaps-Google-could-pay-something-more-than-a-pittance wild card coming in after all. Unfortunately for Osborne, the wags over at online activist group Sum Of Us have managed to knock together an app that allows anyone and their dog to send Osborne an application for the top role – as they say,

"Let’s flood his inbox with spoof applications for the role of HMRC’s ‘Head of corporate tax reduction.’ We've set up a website that means thousands of us can 'apply' directly to George Osborne for the role. After all, it’s hard to imagine how anyone can do a worse job collecting taxes from big business than the current boss of HMRC."

You too can hit up George with a job application (maybe you'll get lucky eh!) over here. Sum Of Us have even included a handy list of yes/ no questions to send through, including 

Do you believe that HMRC should chase after small tax offenders, while letting big corporations off the hook?
 Yes   No

Do you agree with this statement: "HMRC should prosecute HSBC for its alleged involvement in advising its rich clients how to evade British tax, via its Swiss subsidiary." 
 Yes   No

Would you like to receive a Knighthood after a few years of work? 
 Yes   No

Do you have experience of negotiating with big tech companies so they pay only a 2.5% tax rate? 
 Yes   No

Get applying folks….!