Dear Marj – ‘How Deep Is Your Love?’


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This Week Bazza asks Marj:

Marj, How Deep Is Your Love?
Bazza x

Dear Bazza (name changed… or is it?!)

I may not be able to answer your question directly, but what I can do is tell you of the time I fell deepest in love, and maybe that will help. I remember when I first heard Rod Stewart sing on the radio: “the first cut is the deepest”. I had moved through life not understanding that powerful phrase, until I first felt that cut. His name was “Ministry of Sounds – The Sound of Deep House”, and it was the deepest love I ever knew. 

I remember when I first laid eyes on him. It was a Tuesday.  There I was; idly stroking my hair in the mid-afternoon sun, sipping earl-grey tea whilst another superb episode of Location, Location, Location had just finished on the telly. Suddenly; after that ad with the sexy injury lawyers telling me how sexy my injuries are, there was a flash of cool neon blue graphic across my screen. Oh (readers name), it was love at first sight. As I saw the various names of pop artists flash across my screen I whispered to myself in awe: “This moment could only be more perfect if Pete Tong was lustfully informing me in his belligerent style that these songs, most of which have been out for years; will be future dance anthems and current club classics”. Lo and behold, Pete Tongs dulcet tones took me to heaven that very Tuesday afternoon, in between Location, Location, Location and A Place In The Sun. 

Oh we had such good times together. He used to stroke my hair as I listened to his astonishing array of pop tinged dance on youtube at 7am after getting on it with some old chums. Then, as we walked in the park together on a chilly spring morn, he let me eagerly research the artists on the tracklist, because he knew I liked to pretend that I knew about them ages ago to all my friends. We were happy, and deeply in love. 

But, these things never last. Soon, pop music inevitably moved away from deep house and the 90’s in general and found another genre and decade to pillage, and we began to argue. He complained that I never saw him anymore, and began accusing me of even seeing my ex love “Ministry of Sounds – Back to the Old Skool Garage Classics Vol. 1 &2”. 

The spark was gone, and I rarely see that cheerful neon blue and Pete Tong infused love again. 

So I hope my tale of deepest love can help you in your own quest (readers names), I just wish that it turns out better than it did with me. 


Marj x

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