Danny Dyer To Spend A Day As Tube Announcer


In a weird moment of life imitating- ummm- 'art', today Eastender's star and general 'apples n' pears-ing' geezer Danny Dyer will be taking over the tube announcer's job at Bromley-by-Bow station. Timed to coincide with Eastender's 30th anniversary, Bromley-by-Bow has been chosen as it's the station replaced by the fictional Walford the show takes place in.

"I can't tell you how much I loved sitting in the control room with them lovely ladies in their blue coats who work tirelessly," Dyer told the BBC's newsbeat (yep, we source our stories from a news program aimed at children)

"I remember I used to go through [Bromley-by-Bow] and get off at Mile End on the District Line and change to the Central Line to get to Stratford.

"It brought back some happy memories. So remember everyone – mind that gap."

So, basically, if you want to experience Dyer's chirpy cocker-nee charm delivered from a tannoy and direct into your very own ears, you need to head over to Bromley-by-Bow toot bloody sweet. Personally we're hoping he uses the platform to either a) further expound on his esoteric UFO related beliefs or b) recite this advert for Tottenham's Opera House club, word for word, on the hour, every hour: