Busker Serenades David Cameron With “F*Ck Off Back To Eton” Song


Awkward grimaces and arsey security ahoy! In one of the few moments David Cameron has allowed his election campaign to run the risk of encountering normal human beings (rather than bussed in activists waving placards in empty cowsheds), he was quickly reminded just why one really must never mix with oiks and commoners. 

Out pressing the flesh in Alnwick, Northumberland, and no doubt keeping his eyes peeled for any passing lambs that needed feeding, Call-me-Dave was surprised to find himself serenaded by a busker singing that campfire classic, Fuck Off Back to Eton With All Your Eton Chums. Within seconds a surly security goon was staring down the chirpy minstrel, and Dave was ushered off stage left. Was he returning to Eton? We'll never know.