Biomodd Bring Workshops To Create Living Computers To London


Biomodd are an international collective dedicated to hacking together technology with living material. Whilst that all sounds a bit T-1000, Biomodd are more about creating plant eco-systems that grow alongside computer technology. As they put it

"Biomodd is a global series of art installations in which computer technology and ecology converge. Computer networks built from up-cycled computer components are provided with living internal ecosystems. In a symbiotic exchange, plants and algae live alongside electronics and use the technology's waste heat to thrive. Sensors and robotics provide additional interaction possibilities with the organisms." 

The collective are taking over thre Create Space, Wembley to run a three day series of workshops at the end of this July. There aim is to create a symbiotic computer plant –

"This July we will rescue scrap computers and re-build them incorporating plants and algae to co-create a functioning hybrid computer. Plants will be growing in and around the electronics with algae used as a living cooling liquid."

There are currently 50 spaces on the workshops, with all three days costing £50. If you're interested you can find further details out on the event page here – currently we're happy enough looking at the amazing photos they've got on their facebook page –