Asking For A Friend #6


If I had a friend like Mitch Davis's I think I might be a little bit afraid to leave the house. That must mean that Mitch is actually a rather brave man indeed, so brave in fact that he's happy to share his friend's requests without fear of some kind of crazed attack. Here's what the mysterious maniac has got Mitch asking on his behalf this week;

Are there any pop-up book pop-up shops opening in London for the summer? Asking for a friend.

Anyone looking to hire a sex dungeon for the weekend? Asking for a friend.

If the biggest films of the year are Star Wars, Mad Max, Terminator, Poltergeist and Jurassic Park…what fucking year are we in? Asking for a friend.

If the old girl next door hasn't taken her milk in for a fair few days, is it ok to nick it? Asking for a friend.

Does anyone fancy a threesome? Just need two more people to make the numbers up… Asking for a friend.

Are Dunlop Green Flash ironically vintage cool now? Asking for a friend.

Anyone got any flakkaAsking for a friend.

If you've bought two Glastonbury press passes for £800, how can you tell if they're fake? Asking for a friend.

Mitch Davis can be found running Numb Magazine among other things.