Asking For A Friend #5


In the latest batch of Cards Against Humanity style obtuseness, Mitch Davis has been asked yet more 'interesting' question by a friend who has a rather curious obsession with… Strange… Things.

Moving swiftly on, here's this week's Asking For A Friend;

Is Caledonian stunner Nicola Sturgeon single? Asking for a friend.

Would there be a lot of commercial interest for a pop-up artisan cocaine and meth shop in Dalston? Asking for a friend.

Does Africa have a Lynx 'England' that smells of cigarettes, disappointment and Asda? Asking for a friend.

Do potatoes and carrots make good pets? Asking for a friend.

What do you do when everybody hates you and you literally have nobody in your life? Asking for a friend.

How do you have it off with someone? Asking for a friend.

Is it illegal to murder your imaginary friend? Asking for an imaginary friend of an imaginary friend.

Does anyone know how long you cook those boil in the bag fish you win at the fair for? Asking for a friend.

Should I watch The Enfield Haunting with a grown up? Asking for a friend.

How do you go about selling your soul to the devil, in exchange for fame and fortune, is there an application form online? Asking for a friend.

Is it safe to masturbate 18 times a day? Asking for a friend.

Mitch Davis can be found running Numb Magazine among other things.