Area 51 Scientist In ‘Aliens Exist’ Deathbed Confession


OK, so we’re aware we’re heading into Daily Sport territory with this one, but bear with us, there’s an interesting story lurking under the sensationalism. Yesterday, Metro published a piece claiming that an Area 51 scientist had recorded an incredible deathbed confession. The 78 year old Boyd Bushman insisted that aliens had made contact with Earth, and that he – along with numerous other scientists – had been working on ‘reverse engineering’ alien technology. As well as showing a set of photos of aliens, Bushman insisted that “with respect to the alien craft, we have American citizens who are working on UFOs 24 hours a day. We are trying to learn what to do.”

What makes this story particularly fascinating is Bushman’s pedigree. He was a senior research engineer for aeronautical firm Lockheed Martin, and a gifted inventor. He has 28 patents to his name from a career spanning 40 years – as such it would be ridiculous to dismiss him as a mere crank.

“A great deal of information should be lifted up from those dark recesses of Area 51 and moved over so people can see it.” he states.

“Since I am a scientist, I do not believe in theory. I say follow the data… If something cannot be verified by a physical test that something is true, then I do not care to accept it. Therefore everything I present here will be data that comes directly from [Area 51] to you.”

Bushman then goes on to claim that Area 51 contains two groups of aliens, all of whom have long fingers and webbed feet, and hail from a planet known as Quintumnia. And, yes, it’s hard to type that sentence without thinking the guy has gone completely mental. He shows a series of somewhat blurry pictures, and it’s a bit of a stretch when he announces that he ‘gave the aliens’ his camera to take photos of their craft – it seems fair to assume that if they’d mastered space travel they probably would have nailed making a decent camera. Maybe aliens don’t care about selfies? Who knows. 

However, throughout, Bushman seems perfectly lucid, which suggests he was either telling the truth; believed he was telling the truth; was some sort of joker trolling the world; or was utterly barking. Ultimately it seems hard to credit that a highly secretive body would allow such bald information to be widely available on Youtube, unless they assume that there’s nowhere better to hide than in plain sight. What is inarguable is the hold Area 51 has over public imagination – over a million views and counting in under a month suggest that, for whatever reason, a lot of people want to believe.